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Vitosha Mountains & Cherni Vryh Peak (2290m)

Vitosha looming is the first thing visitors to Sofia notice on their way from the airport. Few cities and even fewer capitals possess such a natural feature. Vitosha is the Balkans’ oldest Nature Park and Bulgaria’s most visited mountain. Each year, thousands of tourists enjoy the beauty of its scenery and its plant and animal life.
Our hiking trek takes you on a loop trail, starting from Aleko Hut and going as high as Cherni Vrah summit (2290m), then descending along a different path back to Aleko Hut. Starting from appr. 1750m/5830ft. above sea level we first climb Cherni Vrah Peak (2290m/7625ft.) following a gently ascending trail and then traverse down to the foot of Goliam Rezen Peak and Malak Rezen Peak. This stage is particularly scenic when combined with clear skies. The wet meadows on either side of the path are home to a number of rare and endemic plant species, including a few species of orchids. You might also be lucky to encounter some of the recently introduced Balkan Chamois (wild goats). Nutcrackers and RIng Ouzels may be spotted on every turn, along with other mountain bird species. Note that a guided and a self-guided option is available (see below price details).
Transfers time: 2 hours
Walking time: 4,30-5 hrs (moderate difficulty; no steep parts)
Best period: June-October
Price for GUIDED tour: from 25 Euros/person on Special Offer days; Other days: 1 pers: 97 Euro; 2 pers: 62 Euro pp; 3 pers: 49 Euro pp; 4-7 pers: 44 Euro pp;
Price for SELF-GUIDED tour: 90 Euro per group of 1-4 persons; 115 Euro per group of 5-8 persons
The price includes: Transfer from Sofia to Vitosha Mountains and back (hotel pick up is optional); English-speaking guide (for the guided option); Detailed route notes and map of Vitosha (for the self-guided option)

* note that sometimes transfers might be shared with other clients booked on the same tour (in such cases each party receives their own set of route notes and map) or on a guided tour to the same destination.