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Bulgaria is a paradise for birdwatchers. Lying on the Balkan Peninsula, one of the most strategically important points for bird observation in Europe, Bulgaria has taken a lot from everything: waterfowl, waders, mountain and meadow bird species typical for Central and Northern Europe, passerines and raptors characteristic of the Mediterranean, steppe and even semi-desert species influenced by the proximity of The Northern Pontic regions and Asia Minor. The variety of habitats that could be found in the country is amazing. When we add the outstanding location at the end of the natural bottle-neck, formed by the second biggest migratory route in Europe (Via Pontica) we end up with a complete complex of conditions for a superb birdwatching almost all the year round, including a checklist of more than 420 species discovered by now.

Daily Birdwatching Tours From Sofia

No matter if you are on a business trip in Sofia or just looking for a relaxed birdwatching outside of the city we would be glad to organize a good birding time-out for you. You can choose between a visit to the biggest natural wetland in the vicinity of Sofia (Dragoman Marsh) or some light hiking trip above the tree line, including a number of mountain ....Read more »

Short Birdwatching Break In Bulgaria & Northern Greece

This unique and innovative itinerary leads you through series of birdwatching hotspots and in short time crosses two borders – the one gradually separating the Continental and Mediterranean climate zones and that between Bulgaria and Greece. We trace the Via Aristotelis flyway from the Dragoman Marsh through the imposing Kresna Gorge, along the ....Read more »

Wallcreeper Short Birding Break

The Wallcreeper has always been a dream-bird for many birdwatchers. The program as specified below gives more than just perfect chances to spot it as we will take you to their breeding grounds in probably the most famous place in Europe for watching Wallcreepers – the Trigrad Gorge. The vertical cliffs here are a real ordeal for a birder’s ....Read more »


The Photo Wildlife Moments hide near the town of Dragoman (40 km northwest of Sofia) was constructed by the joint venture of Traventuria (owner of ) and  Biota Films. It was open to photographers in December 2017. Dragoman municipality is well-known for its two natural wonders – The Dragoman marsh and Mount Chepan. Both ....Read more »

Autumn Migration Along The Via Pontica Flyway

Via Pontica is the second biggest flyway in Europe, passing along the Western Black Sea coast. Millions of birds and countless flocks of soaring migrants use this route between their breeding grounds and their wintering quarters – an impressive performance, gathering birdwatchers from all around the world to enjoy. The different species have ....Read more »

Birding Tour (One-day) To Lake Kerkini, Northern Greece

A one-day birding trip to lake Kerkini in Northern Greece might look too exotic if you are already in Bulgaria, but this amazing site just 20km from the Bulgarian border is actually the best wetland for birdwatching situated within 3hrs drive from Sofia. All the year round the avifauna of this semi-natural water reservoir, fed by Strouma River, could ....Read more »

Brown Bear Watching

Most of the tourists wishing to observe brown bears head for Finland and Romania, without considering the recently developed excellent opportunities in Bulgaria – a country with one of the richest biodiversity in Europe. The tour as a philosophy is an ecotourism product. Your visit will help preserve the fragile harmony between locals and the ....Read more »

Bulgaria In Spring - The Best Of The Balkans

Not been in this part of Europe yet? Join us and you will be able to add a whole lot of impressive species to your list. This is not a typical birdwatching holiday, meant for large groups of 15+ birders. We have made this tour for small parties and even couples and individuals, who are flexible enough as this is crucial for this itinerary that is normally ....Read more »