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The town of Devin is located in the heart of the Central Rodopi Mountains. The curative mineral water is among the greatest treasures of the region. The town combines diverse relief, picturesque nature, mild climate and enjoys the presence of several types of mineral water springs with high capacity and average water temperature varying from 16°C to 78°C. Devin mineral waters are suitable for treatment of different diseases of the lоcomotory system, cardiovascular system, gastro-intestinal system as well as functional disturbances of the nervous system. Tourists prefer the resort for the opportunities for recovery after suffered hard diseases or operative interventions, for fluorine prophylactics of caries, etc. Devin offers also a number of attractions outside the pure SPA procedures, namely Wallcreeper tours for birdwatchers, hiking around Trigrad village, trekking along the new eco-route following the stream of Devinska River, visits to Yagodina Cave, horseriding, Brown Bear viewing etc.

Hotel SPA Devin ****


Situated in the very heart of the Rodopi Mountains massif in the centre of the town of Devin, this is the perfect place this is the perfect place for you to relax and indulge in pleasant recreation and cultural entertainment, or have your business meetings, seminars or company celebrations. The SPA Centre of the hotel combines the unique therapeutic advantages of mineral water resources with the latest achievements of medical technology, offering perfect conditions for relaxation and recreation of both body and soul.
The Devin SPA Hotel disposes of 48 spacious double rooms, 6 luxurious studio-type apartments and 8 cozy single rooms. Each of the double rooms offer satellite television, mini-bar, luxury bathroom with shower-cabin and hair-dryer. The rooms have eastern, southern and northern exposure and are stylishly furnished in the pastel tones of green, red and blue. All of them are equipped with TWIN beds (two separate beds) and DBL (bedroom suites) and dispose of extensible sofas (suitable for the accommodation of a third person). Also, the guests staying in this type of room may be provided with a baby cot, which is presented upon preliminary request.
By visiting the unique “Bulgarian Village” Barbecue restaurant you will get a chance to enjoy the one of a kind traditional Bulgarian folklore, rich in myths, legends and beautiful melodic songs.
The lobby bar is the place where you can enjoy your morning coffee, cup of tonic tea or simply relax in the company of a glass of brand whisky, after a pleasant stroll in the fascinating Rodopi Mountains.
The Viennese pastry shop of the hotel offers cozy atmosphere and an amazing variety of delightful confectionery that will please even the most particular of tastes. The pastry shop is a most pleasant place for you to spend your leisure time, enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry specialty, in the company of good friends.

SPA & Wellness
Indoor swimming-pool with children’s section, water fan, an air current and water jets; Jacuzzi; Thermal whirlpool; an outdoor whirlpool; Vichy bath; Pearl bath & Tangentor; Magnetic bath – chromo-and-music therapy; Beauty studio; Lye and mud therapy cabins; Darsonwall; Ultrasound; Electrotherapy; Vacuum therapy; Fitness; Vibro sauna; Sauna; Solarium.

A package of 2 or 3 therapies after consultation with a therapeutist:
1. Hydrotherapy – body – “Vishi” shower, Pearl tub, Tangentor, “Chromo- and music therapy” tub, SPA Capsule (vibrosauna), Jacuzzi, Thermal swimming pool;
2. Ayurveda programs: volcanic stone massage, pindasveda therapy, honey massage;
3. Talassotherapy;
4. Anti-cellulite therapy;
5. Bosom therapy with lifting effect;
6. Chocolate massage;
7. DR. SPILLER BIOCOSMETICS Anti-cellulite therapy, Bosom therapy with a lifting effect, Balance, aroma and anti-stress therapy for men.

Specific face therapy as appointed by a beautician:
1. Cleaning therapy;
2. Hydrating therapy;
3. Collagen therapies;
4. Oxygen therapy;
5. Face therapies for men.

1. Module activity program (2, 5 and 7 days). The program includes: Fitness, Sauna, Sports massage, Therapeutic pool, Pedestrian tour/ Bike tour, Pearl tub with essential oils;
2. Reasonable weight loss program (7, 10, 15 days);
3. “Active” program. The program includes: bike tours with a mountain guide, hiking tours with a mountain guide, extreme descent into caves, horseback riding, fishing, hunting;
4. “Rhodopes” program (2, 5, 7 days).
The program includes: “Chromo- and music therapy” tub, Aroma massage, Vibrosauna with essential oils, Tangentor + Pearl tub with juniper, lavender or white pine + a cup of special Mursalski tea;
5. “Relax” program (2, 5 , 7 days).
The program includes: Pearl tub with essential oils, Partial aroma massage, Jacuzzi, “Chromo- and music therapy” tub, Vibrosauna with essential oils, “Vishi” shower.

The modern balneotherapy centre in Devin SPA Hotel uses mineral water from Bedenski mineral spring. According to specialists, this mineral water is suitable for prevention and treatment of different diseases of the lξcomotor system and cardiovascular system, as well as functional disturbances of the nervous system.

Chemical composition of the mineral water used in Devin SPA Hotel:
K - 25 mg/l; Mn - 0.07 mg/l; Na - 400 mg/l; Cd - 0.005 mg/l; Ca - 61 mg/l; Al - 0.50 mg/l; Mg - 10 mg/l; F - 5.5 mg/l; Li - 1.44 mg/l; Cl - 52 mg/l; Sr - 1.18 mg/l; SO4 - 311 mg/l; Pb - 0.05 mg/l; HCO3 - 736 mg/l; Cu - 0.05 mg/l; PO4 - 1.6 mg/l; Zn - 0.05 mg/l; H2SiO3 - 126 mg/l

Main programs
►“LMS” program (Locomotory system)
Remission of Rheumatoid arthritis
PURPOSE: Pain reduction, movement improvement, disorder delay, inflammatory process assuagement.

Joint disorders
►Deforming arthrosis (coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis); PURPOSE: Pain reduction, movement improvement, disorder delay.
►Deforming spondiloarthrosis – Spondylosis deformans; PURPOSE: Pain reduction, movement improvement, disorder delay.
►“Osteoporosis” program; PURPOSE: Restraint (delay) of the process of calcium loss, pain and fracture risk reduction.
►Intervertebral discs disorder – (Discopathia); PURPOSE: Pain reduction, spinal statics and dynamics improvement.
►Posttraumatic disorders (post fracture conditions; postoperative conditions; dislocations, sprains, tendovaginitis and miositis); PURPOSE: General joint condition improvement. Movement improvement and pain reduction.
►Peripheral nervous system disorders (Radiculitis, Plexitis, Bursitis, Discal hernia (Hernia discalis); PURPOSE: Pain reduction, movement improvement, inflammatory process assuagement, efficiency improvement.