Multi-day sightseeing tours and excursions

Bulgaria - Ancient Times, Monasteries & Nature

Enjoy this  small group tour and all its advantages and benefits. This is a classical journey through all major captivating sights of Bulgaria. Centuries will pass in front of your eyes while exploring museum-villages, ancient monasteries, tombs, sanctuaries and natural phenomena. Besides the guided tours in the cities and tourist sites, ....Read more »

Bulgaria on a Shoestring

From ancient times the people inhabiting the Balkans have been highly susceptible to different cultural and economic influences. Its turbulent history has left varied landscape of local ethnographic specialties, enigmatic antique findings, and unsuspecting huge variety of traditions. With this intensive itinerary we utilize your time to visit the most ....Read more »

UNESCO Heritage Sites In Bulgaria

In every romantic story the original approach and most charming places are the ones leaving the unforgettable memories. That is the reason for the itinerary to focus on an outstanding Bulgarian UNESCO sites, but also en route to pay attention to small and interesting details. In every traveler the 9 World Heritage Sites will provoke a wealth of emotions ....Read more »

Classic Tour of Bulgaria

Visit Bulgaria and see the remarkable landscape that has been the setting for dramatic conflicts between the East and the West. We provide an itinerary designed to allow guests to discover, explore and enjoy Bulgaria in-depth and at its best.  Read more »

Bulgaria and Macedonia - two countries, one history and one language

Bulgaria and Macedonia are located in the center of the Balkans, a melting pot for cultures and people. Come with us to explore the exceptionally rich history these two countries and the ever-enticing legacy left here by Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Ottoman Turks, Albanians, Serbians and Bulgarians. We travel along scenic roads and explore the striking ....Read more »

Bulgaria and Romania

Bulgaria and Romania are coupled in most westerners' understanding as two slowly progressing economies of two former Soviet puppet-states. Though Bulgaria and Romania can be grouped in the context of the common Balkan historical development and their communist past, they are also strikingly different. Those traveling with us will experience Romania ....Read more »

Family Activity Tour in Bulgaria

Travelling with your tireless  kids or hard-to-please teens?  We have prepared a scenic  trip with lots of sports,  educational activities and  games that will make your  Bulgarian family holiday a  great fun. Explore the  ....Read more »