• Day 1: Sofia Malyovitsa Scary Lake Yonchevo Lake Govedartsi (5hrs; 12km; +900m/-900m)

    Early morning transfer from Sofia takes you to the beautiful Malyovitsa Valley and thence high over the alpine Cirques and small lakes, sheltering also the secretive Strashno Ezero (The Scary) Lake. From there we descend to the Yonchevo Lake and finish the loop again at Malyovitsa resort. We stay overnight in a family-run pension in the nearby village of Govedartsi.

  • Day 2: Govedartsi Panichishte The Seven Rila Lakes (Rila Monastery) Bansko (3,30-4,30hrs; 6-9km; +400-500m/-400-500m)

    Transfer to Panichishte resort and a refreshing chairlift ride will bring us to the trailhead, exploring the Cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes. Located at between 2100 and 2500 metres above sea level, these famous glacier lakes will charm you with their magnificent scenery which you can survey from the edge of the highest one. After a circular walk among the lakes we continue on to Bansko at the foot of the Pirin Mountains National Park, where we will spend the next two nights. Time permitting on the way to Bansko we can make a short detour to the most famous UNESCO site in Bulgaria: Rila Monastery.

  • Day 3: Bansko Vihren Hut Mount Vihren Vihren Hut Bansko (5,30-6hrs; 9km; +960m/-960m)

    Pre-arranged transfer brings us up to the Vihren Hut (appr. 30min) where we set off on a stunning trek towards the giant of Pirin Mount Vihren (2914m). We trek through the Golem Kazan (The Giant Cauldron) area beneath the breathtaking sheer 300m northern wall of Vihren, whose dolomite precipices offer shelter to rare edelweiss flowers and fretful herds of Balkan Chamois (wild goats). The views are genuinely overwhelming, yet they are just the prelude to the panoramas that open up from the summit over a sea of jagged peaks all around. We make a circuit around (and including) the summit of Vihren and return back to Bansko.

  • Day 4: Bansko Mount Polezhan Sofia (5hrs; 7km; +770m/-770m)

    Car transfer brings us above Dobrinishte resort, at Gotse Delchev Hut (appr. 30min). Chair cable car then takes us up to the Bezbog Hut. This is the setting-off point for the hiking trek to the Polezhan Summit (2851m) which offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Pirin, over 17 stunning glacier lakes, including the largest Popovo Lake (30m deep). Polezhan is the 5th highest summit in the Pirin. It is surrounded by three Cirques with three groups of lakes Disilishki in the north, Polezhanski in the south and Strazhishki in the west. We use the classic route trough the northeast ridge, which is not difficult or too steep, except of the last 20-minute stage of the summit. Arriving back to our car, we hit the road for a transfer to your accommodation in Sofia (appr. 3hrs drive).